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Trinine Webtech Pvt. Ltd. is your complete Digital marketing Partner. Once you decide to associate with us, wetake care and manage all the aspects of digital marketing and promotion required for your organization. Such services are often tailor made to suit your specific service offerings and your client/customer base. Some of the basic services we offer include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • DigitalMarketingStrategyBuilding
  • Creative Content Writing Services

Under the Pay Per Click Model, an organization places an advertisement on a host site. Whenever any user clicks on the advertisement, the organization which posts the advertisement needs to pay a certain sum of money agreed mutually to the host website which hosts the advertisement and gathers audience. These Pay Per Click advertisements essentially serve the main task of diverting maximum audience to the organization’s website, the prime requirement of Search Engine Optimization.

This paid media advertising method helps in serving the three most important purpose of advertisement, that is:

  • • Reaching the Right Audience
  • • Reaching the Right Audience at the Right Time
  • • Reaching out to the Right Audience using the Right Platform


Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves a number of processes and strategies which tries to maximize the number of visitors visiting your website. This is only possible in case your website ranks among the top searches for a set of keywords returned by a search engine. In order to do this, it is important to integrate the content on your website with search engine optimization requirements and digital marketing strategies. All this requires strong idea of digital marketing concepts and experience of managing search engine optimization. TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd.thus provides a holistic service basket which caters to each of your individual digital marketing requirements.

Some of the basic advantages of associating with TrinineWebtech’sSearch Engine Optimization team include:

  • We use SEO tactics which provides the best results for your organization and this helps us in winning your trust in our services.
  • We use Natural Search methods to fulfill your SEO need, thus giving you transparency in whatever we do.
  • We use SEO also as an economical way to advertise your organization and it service offerings in an effective manner.
  • We constantly work on your SEO requirements by understanding the dynamics of the industry and technical platforms, thus ensuring permanency of the results of SEO for your organization.

In order to provide these advantages, TrinineWebtech’s SEO experts design your Customized SEO Package keeping your organization, your clientele, and your service offerings in mind. The custom designed SEO package would give you a precise idea about the action plan which would be followed in order to implement your SEO strategy. Some of the basic SEO tactics and strategy followed by us. include:

Website Analysis

A detailed analysis of your website is conducted with your permission. This would help TrinineWebtec team to gather data regarding your organization and service offerings. This would also lead TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. to do a thorough competitor research. Both these processes would help TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. work on strategic positioning of your organization in a competitive position on the digital marketing platform.

Keyword Analysis

Once TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. completes the data gathering step after thoroughly analyzing your organizations and your competitors’ websites, TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. starts doing a thorough Keyword Analysis. Keywords are the most important aspects of SEO. Any search engine works on keywords and returns adequate searches based on the keywords of the users. Thus, your website needs to be optimized with such keywords in order to place it on the recommended search lists by the search engine. The keyword analysis manages keywords on some important parameters such as Market Defining Keywords, Trends in the Digital Market, Search Engine Requirements such as Google’s PageRank Technology, and Social Platform presence.

Onsite Optimization

Based on detailed website analysis and thorough keyword analysis, TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. then starts doing onsite optimization on your website. The basic aspects taken care during the onsite optimization stage include optimizing the architecture of your website, optimizing the content on your website, and managing technical issues on your website.

Natural Link Building

TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of Linkages in the process of SEO and thus facilitates Natural Link Building within your website. This would also simultaneously involve linking your social media presence with your website.

Content Creation and Promotion

In case of successful SEO, content plays a very important and active role. It is this content which can successfully optimize the keywords required for successful SEO results. Constant creation of content in the form of blogs, articles, press releases, web 2.0 materials, social media campaigns, and all other digital marketing content form and promoting them on your website is thus very important and crucial step in SEO implementation. Trinine Webtech Pvt. Ltd. helps you both in creating SEO contents and promoting them optimally and effectively.

Social Networks and Media

With the advent of digital marketing and social media, people have changed the way they interact and live their lives. When people have started spending more time on social media, the organizations simply cannot afford to stay away from social media. Thus, it is important to have an active social media presence and use this presence to market and promote your organization and its service offerings along with interacting with your customers on a regular basis.

Brand Monitoring and Set Tracking

While we market and promote on various platforms, it is also important to monitor brand performance regularly in order to check any irregularity and divergence in brand promotion. TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. thus helps you in brand monitoring activities and Set Tracking processes.

SERP Covering

TrinineWebtech Pvt. Ltd. further helps you in SERP Covering which would ensure search engine ready website for your organization. This would take care of the type of content required for optimizing your website as per the Search Engine Requirements.

These are some major activities which Trinine Webtech Pvt. Ltd. can help your organization in terms of Search Engine Optimization, though we can customize our activities according to your organization’s requirements.

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